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The Kings Garden foundation is built on Quality and Creativity. With massive industrial cultivation, manufacturing, processing, distribution and transportation facilities, Kings Garden prides itself on reliability and ingenuity. We endorse creativity at all levels, so we are constantly evolving our ideation from seed to sale. Our team consists of operators with 100+ years of combined experience. They not only know how to innovate but also how to execute flawlessly on a massive production scale without any sacrifice in quality control. To ensure we are providing the highest-quality products to medical and recreational dispensaries across the state of California, we complete Phase II testing on every product produced on Kings Garden premises. If it was produced by us, we stand by it. When our products make it into the hands of our medical patients or recreational customers, we want them to latch onto the beauty of our design. We take great pride in the look of our boutique product lines – which we’re honored to provide to the those in need. We hope you enjoy the spoils of Kings Garden – Royal Botanicals and Royal Concentrates.